Your music deserves drums that sound real

Don’t settle for beats that sound like 1’s and 0’s coming out of a machine. Dare to defy the standards, embrace drums that sound like music.

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20 meticulously crafted samples with separate stems for ultimate creative freedom



Embrace the groove of funk with ‘Funk Fusion – Groove Essentials’, 20 organic-sounding drum samples that breathe life into your music, delivering the essence of funk with the precision of modern production. Derived from legendary drums, this collection offers unmatched authenticity to fuel your creative expression.

Sample Specs:

20″ Slingerland
18×24″ Camco Oaklawn (1960s)
5.5×14″ Slingerland Wood (1964)
14″ Rogers Dynasonic
14×5.5″ Ludwig Wood (1964)
16″ Manhattan HHX / 16″ HH Medium Crash
16″ Sabian Hand Hammered
14″ Masterworks Meritamon Series
22″ Artisan Ride
18″ HHX Manhattan Crash
17″ AA Thin Crash
17″ HHX Legacy Crash
10×10″ Sonor Tomas Haake Custom SQ2
9×13″ Ludwig Silver Sparkle
16×16″ Ludwig Silver Sparkle

What’s Included:

• 20 Funk Drum Samples with Separate Stems
• High-Quality WAV files compatible with all major DAWs
• Instant Digital Download upon purchase

Your journey to the heart of rhythm starts here

How to use:

1 – Download the Pack:
After purchasing, download the ‘Funk Fusion – Groove Essentials’ pack. You will receive a link for a rar file containing all the samples.

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2 – Extract the Files:
Locate the downloaded rar file on your computer. Right-click on the file and select ‘Extract Files’. Choose a familiar location on your computer to extract the main folder for easy access.

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3 – Open Your DAW:
Launch your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This can be any software you use for music production.

4 – Import the Samples:
In your DAW, import the samples or stems from the ‘Funk Fusion – Groove Essentials’ pack. You can do this by dragging and dropping the files directly into the DAW or using the DAW’s import function.

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5 – Create Your Track:
Once the samples are in your DAW, you can start editing. Mix, match, and tweak the stems to craft your unique funk fusion track. Experiment with different combinations and effects to find your sound.

6 – Save and Share:
After creating your track, save the project. Then export the final version to share your creation with the world or use it in your projects.

At CS Discos, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality sound to our customers. The drum samples in the Funk Fusion – Groove Essentials have been meticulously produced in a MIDI environment. Our team has invested significant effort and expertise to ensure these samples sound as authentic and true-to-life as possible.

While these sounds originate from a digital source, each sample has been crafted with the goal of emulating the rich, dynamic qualities of live-recorded drums. This process involves detailed programming and sophisticated sound design techniques to capture the essence and feel of organic drumming.

We believe in transparency and want our customers to know the origins and production methods of our samples. Our commitment is to deliver an exceptional auditory experience that both honors the roots of funk music and embraces the advancements of modern production technology.

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