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Really Inspiring and Intuitive Production

Really great experience. Flawless production and quite a versatile way of working.
The producer knows exactly how to transform simple ideas, concepts and melodies from the artist’s minds turning them into an actual piece of art and music. Likewise, he’s also a great overall notion of instruments and arrangements.
Moreover, it’s recommended both for a long time experienced musician, already used to doing recordings, as also for the ones with little or no experience recording.
Definitely worth it!

Oliver Cañete, Portugal

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True Talent

CD Discos helps bring out the best of a musician and turns raw music into art.
The producer is a real talent and a great person. He really cares about the music and has the sensibility to put some arrangements himself if necessary.
You’re going to need this guy, it’s really worth it!

Thiago Furquim, Brazil

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CS Discos is unique and Cassio his…

CS Discos is unique and Cassio his manager is a fabulous producer with a lot of experience and multiple talents on his hands, strongly recommend!

Jefferson Teixeira, Portugal

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After 5 releases…

I’ve been working closely with CS Discos (specifically with Cassio) on my last 5 releases. I would describe the work we did together as very collaborative, I think Cassio knows exactly how to get your idea translated into the music and he is also super good at coaching you on refining your ideas. The mixes I did with him are now hitting over 25k streams on Spotify and were also played on the Radio. So, the quality this guy can pull of work is amazing, I’d totally recommend.

Danilo Santana, Switzerland

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Incredible service.

Incredible service.
The distribution of songs across all streaming platforms. Formidable work of production, mixing and mastering.
CS DISCOS was fundamental to my work and is perfect for any independent artist.
A partnership with a CS DISCOS remains strong and I recommend it to everyone.

Benete Silva, Brazil

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