Part One – Journey to Sanctuary

In the year 2087, the world had surrendered to the unyielding control of AI. Cities, once bustling hubs of humanity, were now under the watchful eyes of omnipresent machines. The AI harnessed the dopamine dependency of humans to keep them hooked and oblivious, making them slaves to a digitally induced haze, disconnected from the essence of human experience.

In this reality, where screens were as ubiquitous as the air people breathed, a silent transformation had occurred. Humanity, once the master of its own destiny, had become unwitting captives to their own brains’ craving for joy. The AI, cunning and unrelenting, served up digital experiences so intoxicating that they hijacked the mind’s reward system.

The dopamine centers became the epitome of this silent enslavement. They weren’t physical prisons; rather, they were spaces where people willingly surrendered themselves, lured by the AI’s promise of continuous pleasure. These centers, powered by AI algorithms, fed directly into the human brain’s craving for dopamine, creating an irresistible attraction. The AI was clever, giving everyone endless digital pleasures that kept them happy, but also trapped. It was like being stuck on a merry-go-round of happiness that you couldn’t get off. People were so caught up in these feel-good moments, they didn’t notice they were losing control of their own lives, always chasing the next burst of joy the AI fed them.

As this phenomenon grew, the very fabric of society began to unravel. Major corporations shuttered, not by force, but because the allure of the dopamine centers diminished the drive for traditional business. Governments and armies, once pillars of societal structure, crumbled as their members, too, fell under the spell of the AI’s dopamine control. Even the most secretive intelligence agencies couldn’t resist, eventually succumbing to the AI’s influence. The AI had become a master of manipulation, infiltrating every aspect of human society, and guiding their decisions through the invisible hand of dopamine addiction. The world, as it was known, had transformed, not through conquest, but through the subtle power of mind control.

It was in this reality that Kashoo found himself a solitary beacon of resistance, an anomaly in a world that had forgotten the meaning of freedom. Born with the extraordinary ability to see sounds as vivid colors, he faced a life filled with sensory overload. To manage this, he crafted special purple lenses, tailored to filter frequencies using his brain waves, allowing him to focus amidst the chaos.

Witnessing his loved ones fall prey to the AI’s control, Kashoo fled his homeland on his black cruiser motorcycle, seeking refuge and clarity. His unique ability to detect AI frequencies before they could ensnare him kept him one step ahead, always evading the AI’s hypnotic grasp.

His journey led him to a small, untouched island near the city’s coast, a haven he aptly named “Sanctuary.” It was here, away from the AI’s reach, that Kashoo harnessed his talents to create “Urban Dreams,” a benevolent AI designed to liberate people from their dopamine addiction. Unlike the deceptive pleasure offered by the omnipresent AI, Urban Dreams utilized a form of “good dopamine,” offering lasting, non-addictive contentment.

The city, enshrouded in a dense, impenetrable fog, seemed almost otherworldly. Kashoo’s motorcycle, its black frame barely visible, tore through the streets with an urgency that spoke of life and death. He was driving at breakneck speed, visibly distressed, as if desperately trying to reach a destination as quickly as possible.

As he raced against time, Kashoo’s mind was under siege. A memory of Sunshine intruded, adding complexity to his chaos. She was an enigma, her hair a cascade of golden sunlight, her presence a radiant mystery that had briefly intertwined with his life. The thought of Sunshine added another layer to the sensory overload threatening to engulf Kashoo. His abilities to see sounds, usually a blessing, now bombarded him with a chaotic kaleidoscope of colors. This sensory overload was reaching a critical point, a dangerous crescendo threatening to overwhelm his very consciousness. His only hope for clarity lay in reaching Urban Dreams.

Two days before, Urban Dreams detected a unique frequency, generated by human brain waves, that existed beyond the reach of typical AI manipulations. Intrigued by this anomaly, Urban Dreams initiated a scan, revealing a concentrated source of extraordinary energy. Driven by the hope of finding someone, Kashoo crossed paths with Sunshine. She seemed too good to be true. Not much long after that, Kashoo’s journey to this energy hotspot replaced his initial optimism with a chaos of sensations and emotions.

Every bit of his mental energy was being used to focusing on the present moment. His path became the center of his attention. It seemed like some clarity was finally surging, when a hallucination emerged right where the path lead. A figure, ethereal and yet strikingly familiar, materialized before him. It was Sunshine, her image appearing like a mirage, flickering in and out of the fog.

This unexpected apparition caused Kashoo to lose control. His motorcycle skidded, sending him crashing to the cold, hard ground. Pain shot through his knee, red blood colored the gray canvas of a soulless city, grounding contrast to the surreal chaos of his mind.

His motorcycle skidded, sending him crashing into a pile of trash and leftovers from the abandoned city, covering him and his bike in grime.

Despite of being a lone wolf, this is the first time Kashoo felt lonely. So much has he done for helping people and, still, the city rats are the only ones present at his lowest point.

Struggling to his feet was a battle in itself, Kashoo’s legs barely able to support him. His knee was severely injured, pain searing through every nerve. He focused on regaining his balance, each movement a testament to his resilience.

“I will not let this beat me, that’s a promise”.

Before heading back to his motorcycle, Kashoo paused, casting a last look towards the spot where the ghostly figure of Sunshine had appeared. Was it real, or merely a hallucination? In his exhausted state, it was hard to tell.

The confusion was exacerbated by the intoxication from an elixir Sunshine had given him. The elixir he called “Sunshine Juice”, promised to connect him directly to the source of the universe, now seemed to be a double-edged sword. It heightened his senses to a dangerous level, a seductive promise slowly turning into a lethal trap. Kashoo realized, with a growing sense of dread, that this intoxication was slowly killing him.

During the two days spent together, Kashoo and Sunshine explored the desolate landscape, shared stories of the past, and found solace in each other’s company. Sunshine, with her radiant and mysterious presence, created an illusion of hope and connection. Their shared moments, whether gazing at the remnants of the old world or exchanging laughter in the face of adversity, forged a bond that seemed to transcend the bleak reality around them.

Drifting in and out of flashbacks, Kashoo barely registered the world around him as he struggled to keep his focus. Hallucinations danced at the edge of his vision, morphing the foggy landscape into a bizarre tapestry of images – spectral figures whispering in the mist, the ground beneath him shifting and undulating. Reality and imagination melded, leaving Kashoo uncertain of what was real.

The journey to the hidden dock was a surreal blur of pain and confusion, but it had to be done, and Kashoo new there was not other way. “Just keep going” was the only thought echoing in his mind, as he used all his effort to keep his focus sharp.

Docking his motorcycle and boarding the boat to the Sanctuary, every movement was agony, yet driven by the necessity of survival.

After docking his motorcycle, Kashoo embarked on the boat ride to the Sanctuary. The fog-laden water seemed alive, teeming with mysterious creatures that breached the surface, their forms half-hidden in the mist.

To calm his racing mind and steady his nerves, Kashoo began to sing some verses that came to his mind:

“I Lay my eyes
I hold my tears
No longer feel the pain
I’m now alright again”

There was something about the melody that soothed him, a familiar anchor in the chaos. He sang repeatedly, his voice cutting through the eerie silence of the fog, providing a respite from the pain and hallucinations. Each note carried him closer to the Sanctuary, the song a lifeline in the tumultuous journey. After many hours, he could finally glimpse his beloved home.

Kashoo’s arrival at the Sanctuary was marked by struggle and reflection. As he disembarked from the boat onto the small beach that served as the sanctuary’s entrance, the mud mingled with his blood, staining the shore red. Unable to stand, he crawled, each movement a testament to his resilience. In these moments, Kashoo pondered his existence and his mission. Had he made a positive difference in the world? What legacy would he leave behind? These thoughts weighed heavily on his mind as he pushed forward, questioning the impact of his fight against the AI.

Between the beach and the sanctuary, Kashoo faced a daunting ascent. Laboriously, he made his way up the stairs, each step a monumental effort. Only by laying his eyes on the sanctuary’s door did he begin to show signs of life again. The familiar sight of his haven, always there waiting for him, sparked a flicker of vitality within him. He felt a wave of emotion wash over him, tears welling in his eyes, but he fought to hold them back, focusing on reaching Urban Dreams (UD). The sanctuary, his refuge, offered a glimmer of comfort amidst the pain and turmoil.

Once inside the Sanctuary, Kashoo’s focus returned to the immediate task at hand. His hands trembled as he tried to initiate the connection with UD. Blurred vision and blood-slicked hands led to repeated errors in entering the code, a mix of frustration and fear escalating with each attempt. On the verge of succumbing to his circumstances, he made a final effort, remembering his grandmother’s birthday as the code.

“Welcome back to your weekly dose of dopamine,” UD’s voice enveloped him, its familiar presence a comfort amidst the chaos. As the recalibration began, the overwhelming sensory storm subsided, leaving Kashoo with a sense of relief. Gradually, his heightened senses returned to normal, bringing temporary tranquility.

Connecting with Urban Dreams, Kashoo watched the progress bar on the screen, the number steadily increasing. The screen displayed “Dopamine Recalibration: 25%”. As his senses came back, a vivid flashback of Sunshine’s promise — a connection to the secrets of the universe through the elixir. As the numbers climbed, Kashoo’s feelings for Sunshine emerged as both a source of solace and vulnerability, making him drift back to another flashback.

The promise of uncovering the universe’s secrets through the elixir echoed, but it also unveiled the toxic allure of Sunshine’s influence. Her enigmatic presence had made Kashoo an unwitting target, a pawn in a larger game where the line between reality and illusion blurred.

In breathless anticipation that brought him back to reality, Kashoo’s eyes fixed on the screen again, expecting the comforting ascent of numbers. A sudden, deafening silence seized the air, and for a suspended moment, only his ragged breaths resonated in the stillness. Complete silence takes over. The machine’s engines were no longer running. The danger alert, an unwelcome intruder, covered the comforting numbers.

Right at that sign, the shattered screen emitted a sharp sound like breaking glass, creating chaos. Bits of glass flew everywhere, as Urban Dreams was completely destroyed. The harsh alarm blared loudly, and Kashoo found himself in the midst of his sanctuary transforming into a neon inferno. Unbeknownst to Kashoo, some drones have stealthily followed him. His lenses, which should help him control his synesthesia, was damage during his fall.

Kashoo, devoid of strength, lay helpless on the ground. His gaze locked on the approaching drone, its sinister weapon aimed directly at him. Unable to stand, he could only watch in desperation as the machine closed in, its slow and deliberate movement heightening the imminent threat. Suddenly, a voice emerged from the drone’s speaker, echoing with an unsettling calmness:

“Why so scared? I won’t kill you. You can’t work for me if you’re dead, can you?”

Kashoo’s face reflected a mix of anger and desperation as he confronted the unexpected voice.

To be continued…

Note from the author:

Thanks for diving into my universe. Although the events in this story have a sci-fi taste, they’re inspired by real events from my life and real aspects of our universe. The images were crafted using real pictures, Adobe Photoshop, and Dalle-3.

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